A word about Pricing

I hear it all the time from clients… “How much does it cost?”

Let’s look at a few factors:

Getting a professional quality Website requires time and experience. Social Media Management, Development, Content Creation, Online Presence Development, Video and Audio Production, Audio/Video Post Production, Voiceover, Graphic Design, Animation, all those take years to develop as skills. If you go to the Doctor, you’re not paying him for the office visit, you’re paying him for the lifetime he spent in school, and real world experience learning to perfect his skillset.

We have the experience to tailor fit all those skills listed above to your business. We bring a lifetime of experience and a variety of high end tools to bear on making your business stand out from your competition. Using state of the art tools and creativity that is out of the box makes us who we are.

We also appreciate that we’re all working within budgetary guidelines.

That said, we hope you also understand that this work is highly technical, taking skill and experience to keep the bang for your buck return on your investment of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on being approachable, and keeping things easily explainable to you, the client.

We’ve heard all the horror stories over the years, from new clients coming to us with their frustrations aimed at their previous web developers who they could never get ahold of, or who made them feel stupid for not knowing the highly technical ins and outs of the web development game.

We will not treat you this way. When you go to that same doctor, does the doctor just start throwing pills at you without finding out what your symptoms are? Of course not, they listen to what you have to say, and diagnose you based on their extensive knowledge and what you described your symptoms to be. A doctor wouldn’t put you down, or laugh at you when you’re naked, and neither will we.

We listen to you, develop an approach, and don’t stick you into any prescribed “Treatment Package” that you might find with other Web Development and Social Media companies.

What really sets us apart, is that we are always easy to reach, and moreover, looking forward to talk to you about your projects. I tell clients all the time, that the only way to ensure a personal, quality experience and result, is to be closely in contact with the client before, during, and after the project.

YOU are the subject matter expert to your business. YOU are the one who knows how your particular business operates. YOU are hoping that the right Creative Development will make YOUR business easier to manage, streamlined, and help it to grow.

We need your help to do that. We need your content. We need your ideas. We need your input and feedback in order to give you the result you’re looking for, and are happy with.

It’s my intention to always be approachable, easy to talk to, and easy to get along with.

I thank you for your patronage and as always, if you would like to talk to me about YOUR custom plan, just call me.



As you read above, there are no cookie cutter packages here. We take the time to work with you to help you integrate a web strategy into your business. You can expect a web development project to run between $2000 and $10,000 typically depending on the size of your business and what types of things you want to integrate into it. Add ons are very common, such as Email Marketing Campaigns, and working to engage your customers is what we do. This is merely a guideline, and when you CALL US, we’ll be happy to develop the perfect fit for you.


There’s a lot in Social Media. To be engaged with your customers, is a lot of work. We’re happy to do it of course, but we can span all the different social media platforms, review sites, adjust the number of postings per day or week, generate content to post or take the postings you’ve created and integrate them, and so much more. This, as with the other services we offer, breaks down into activity and how much of it you want to pursue. You can expect to see monthly budgets of between $500 and $2500 as a typical spend.


None of what we do here is going to be worth anything if you can’t be found. We work hard on getting your message out to the search engines to be found. Have a restaurant? Want your menus and reviews found online? We would handle that in Social Media, but indexing the site correctly and keeping it in the top search engines will help your customers find those menus and reviews easily and quickly. Expect a budget for SEO to run between $500 and $2500 typically.


We don’t have the Hollywood approach. Our Video and Audio Production is focused on integrating into your Web Development, but we still use high resolution solutions including our Aerial Platforms to develop streaming content for use with ad campaigns, updates and content on your Social Media Platforms, or advertising on your website. We can of course output for Broadcast TV and YouTube alike, so this only depends on your needs and wishes for how vibrant you would like your Media campaigns to become. CALL US for your FREE CONSULTATION.


Once we’ve gathered the content, then comes the Post Production. With a full digital production facility, including award winning voiceover, we can help put that professional polish on your projects. Help your Online Media set you apart from your competition by going the extra mile. With solutions for online streaming or marketing campaigns via Email integration, with our full Final Cut Pro Production Facility, we can deliver your message in multiple formats and resolutions. CALL US for your FREE CONSULTATION.


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