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Adam Christopher Fox, Musician, Producer and Award Winning Voiceover Talent, picked up a guitar at 4 and began piano at the age of 5. After having several years of formal piano lessons, Adam stopped piano lessons and switched his primary instrument to guitar.

His young life was filled with performance. He grew up in the theater beginning his acting lessons at the age of seven and was classically trained in both theater, covering acting and direction, and in dance with a heavy background in Traditional Russian Ballet and Jazz. Adam spent his formative years keeping busy with acting, dance training, music and audio/video production, learning to cut and edit audio and video tape in the 70’s and early 80’s, prior to the onset and popularity of digital media today.

Adam’s father, also a musician and audiophile, had a recording studio in the house, and he began early on, producing and recording his own compositions and band projects he was involved with. As his career grew in production and performance, Adam delved deeper into music, and continued performing and recording with bands and lending himself out as a session player to local artists in San Diego. While doing so, he was gaining experience in various recording studios, staying current with the development of new recording technologies, and developing his experience as a producer. By this point, he was supporting himself full time with his studio, mixing and mastering bands from as far away as Mexico and keeping busy with Audio Production and his other unique niche, restoring old audio from records including self recorded 78’s and Tapes to CD’s, helping clients to relive memories of their childhood.

In 1993, with the growing popularity of something new called “The Internet”, Adam began developing websites, and learning to code. He learned how to integrate multimedia into websites, which naturally carried over into his work as a musician and producer.

He’s developed and built websites for a wide variety of clients helping them realize what kinds of powerful tools can be brought to bear benefitting their businesses. Adam also works to develop new media elements and content for these same clients, allowing them to utilize their websites to maximum potential, as well as helping to create a consistent theme and branding to their companies helping to tie all their advertising efforts into a unified message.

In 2002, Adam went to work in the Law Enforcement field, and has served as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff, Public Safety Dispatcher and Emergency Medical Dispatcher. He’s been presented with several commendations for his work in the field including the Victor G Atiyeh award from the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training. His work in the field has also garnered him experience in Supervision and Project Management, including the creation of an Emergency Communications center for a local Sheriff’s Office which included the coordination of multiple local and state agencies, selection, hiring, and training of personnel, writing policy, procedure, and operations manuals, and more.

Over the last several years, Adam has been involved in large scale project management and consulting while utilizing his skills as a web developer and all around tech nerd to bring organization to what can be at many times chaos. He thrives on taking something from a mere concept to a completed project and all that entails.

Using his background in Law Enforcement in his consulting practice, Adam works with Law Enforcement and Public Safety agencies to develop and build Drone Programs (UAV) for use in all types of Public Safety. He is also a fully certified Part 107 Commercial Drone Pilot. From Search and Rescue applications, to Criminal Enforcement, Fire applications, and more, he understands the ins and outs of building a program. He helps with getting FAA paperwork for Certificates of Authorization (COA) and blanket waivers to be filed and processed, as well as helping to write operations manuals to coincide with agency policies and procedures. He also provides hands on training, technical integration, and consultation to agencies getting their programs off the ground.

He spends his off time helping Public Safety with various endeavors. As a former Law Enforcement Officer, he feels a strong bond to local Law Enforcement and has given his time to Search and Rescue as a Drone (UAS) pilot, and other endeavors.

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